‘Have said it before but I say again that I much admire the very idea, enthusiasm and the commitment of all those involved in this learning experience. Great work!’ – Ambassador Petteri Vuorimäkki, Senior Arctic Official for Finland

Delegates to Polar Aspect MACs such as SCOTMAC find them inspiring and enjoyable. Read on for a selection of comments about past SCOTMAC conferences.

‘Amazingly organised and appreciated every minute of this experience.’ – Delegate

‘The initial presentations by experts helped everyone gain more knowledge on the Arctic including environmental and social issues. The introductory speech on the Arctic as a homeland was incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking.’ – Delegate

‘It was really fascinating to explore the thorny topics in such a supportive and collaborative environment.’ – Delegate

‘Having to carry out prior research and research during the conference developed my understanding of the Arctic as a homeland, and so my image when I close my eyes is no longer just an idyllic icy background with a polar bear, but a diverse array of people, ecosystems, infrastructure and issues.’ – Delegate

‘Personally, the most important takeaway I have from this conference is the knowledge obtained regarding diplomacy, negotiation, and communication. The information regarding the Arctic was interesting and important, but I walked away from this conference with a much deeper understanding about myself and how to effectively communicate with others in the future.’ – Delegate

‘I always felt the support of the organisers of the event, they have always helped me when I needed it in a way that any needs I had were always covered.’ – Delegate

‘It was very fun, informative, a safe space to practice and definitely a fantastic learning experience. I just want to thank you for doing this, running MACs and allowing us (students) to engage in such a productive exercise. Also for treating us as equals, rather than just young people. I think it’s so important for young people to realise the power they have and will have, and that they and their opinions have value. I think it’s a message which is so often given in words and not actions, but you managed to do both, so thank you. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to do something like this while they are young!’ – Delegate

‘Just a big thank you to all who made this possible! Your efforts were absolutely brilliant, and I’ve made very good connections and friends in the space of a very few, intense days.’ – Delegate

‘SCOTMAC taught me more than I could imagine in the space of 3 days and I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to participate in such a great initiative. The conference introduced me to the world of policy and decision-making and showed me the extent to which decisions made in a room can impact the lives of millions of vulnerable people. I never thought I’d become a diplomat or get involved in any policy-related work. I just might now.’ – Delegate

‘It was without doubt the best extra-curricular activity I’ve done whilst at university. Sad to leave!’ – Delegate